Training for

Medical Professionals

Nurses and doctors are often faced with that feeling that something "is not quite right."

They feel their patient is facing trauma of a different sort ... but without specific human trafficking training, there's little they can do ... other than live with the stress that they haven't been able to serve to their full capacity.

The HTTC training ensures our incredible medical front line workers know exactly how much they can do.

The truth is, the fight against human trafficking depends on them.

Human Trafficking Interdiction for Medical Personnel Course

This course is designed to provide medical personnel with the signs and indicators of possible human trafficking, how to build and implement an algorithm that best addresses the needs of their patients and how to work with law enforcement to both respect the victim's wishes and ensure public safety. Learn:

  • How to identify victims of trafficking and exploitation.
  • Physical and circumstantial signs and symptoms of trafficking.
  • How to use screening tools in the healthcare setting.
  • Best practices on interacting with victims of exploitation in a healthcare setting.
  • Reporting and wrap around service recommendations after discharge.
  • HIPPA rights, requirements and obligations.
  • Working together with law enforcement.
  • The types of law enforcement responses with respect to human trafficking victims.
  • How to find the right law enforcement agency to work with, and what you should expect law enforcement to do.
  • The value of getting feedback from law enforcement.

"Dan has a wealth of knowledge about exploitation, child abuse, and sex trafficking. I have greatly appreciated being able to work with him, consult about difficult cases, and can attest that he truly understands the complexities involved. He’s proactive and is willing to do the hard work on behalf of victims. I highly recommend working with and learning from Dan’s expertise!"

Heidi Olson, RN, MSN, CPN, SANE-P
Children's Mercy Hospital Kansas City